The Eulogy of Kyle Weber

I recently gave a talk entitled “Begin With the End in Mind.” The title comes from Chapter 2 in a book called “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People.”

In this talk, I spoke of the importance of setting goals of not just where you want to end up at the end of your life, but who you want to become in the process. I decided there was no better way for me to get my point across than to write my own eulogy.
(**Note: Yes, there will be a Zoolander reference or two)

The next few paragraphs will contain my eulogy. I debated putting up something so personal, but if this even inspires one person to set goals on who they want to grow into in life’s journey, then I’ll consider the possible ridicule worth it. Understand this: I do not claim to have reached any of the goals that I write about (obviously, because I talk about having a wife & kids, which I do not have yet.. lol), but I hope & pray that I will grow into the person that this letter describes! I love you all very much & thank you for your unending support. God bless you!

~Kyle Weber



Dear Family & Friends,

We are gathered here today in remembrance of Kyle Cameron Weber. Knowing Kyle pretty well, I can tell you exactly how he would want you to remember him. I can also tell you that if Kyle were still living today, he would harbor no bitter feelings toward Chuck Norris, Robert Goulet, and David Hasselhoff for the freak gasoline fight accident that ended Kyle’s life. Thankfully, Kyle made it to his goal of living to be 100 years old before this tragedy occurred!

First and foremost, one thing you should know about Kyle is that for the entirety of his life, he truly was a man chasing desperately after his God. At the thought of a king sacrificing everything to save Kyle’s life, he served that king in complete adoration. He loved from the deepest places in his heart & lived his life pursuing the dreams God had placed in it.

It was written all over his face, the love that Kyle had for others. You could always count on a smile or a kind word that could take your darkest day & turn it around. Just the way his face would light up when you walked into a room, you knew you were loved. His hugs were heart-felt & he cared about your broken heart as if it were his own. Yet, he was light-hearted & joyful; no matter the circumstances life handed him, his solution-oriented outlook never stopped strengthening his choice to be positive.

To his lovely wife, he was her best friend, protector, confidant, storybook romance, and lover. Never a day passed where he did not make her feel more beautiful than the day before. His love for her had no limits in passion & grace. Kyle always said that out of the millions of blessings God gave to him, she was his favorite miracle.

To all of his beautiful children, he was their hero, anchor, true North Star, example of character, and their encourager. He corrected them in love & never raised his voice. He was gentle, but firm. He taught them principles of success & showed them with his own actions what it means to follow Jesus. He was active in all of their lives & made each one feel unique & wonderfully made.

Kyle dreamed big dreams in the faces of cynics & refused to settle for status quo. He was a warrior of sorts, always living by principle, always defending the defenseless, always hoping, always persevering, and always taking a stand for freedom whether it was political, emotional, economical, or spiritual. He inspired change & provoked others to love & do good works. He valued character & personal growth; his convictions were strong. He held himself to the highest standard & yet showed only grace to those who wouldn’t.

In his journey, Kyle became a Christian leadership author & speaker, a singer/songwriter, a published photographer, a voice of truth in the media war, and one of the world’s largest supporters of charity. He believed that he could do all things through Christ, his ultimate source of strength & proved that it was true.

Today we remember Kyle Cameron Weber.

Oh, and just because we all have chiseled abs and stunning features, it doesn’t mean that we too can’t not die in a freak gasoline fight accident!

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  1. Kristin S
    Kristin S says:

    Alright, that was probably the best darn speech I’ve ever heard…I have a single younger sister who is passionate about God as well. Just FYI. 🙂

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