Teaching Photography at Greenville College

The irony of life amazes me sometimes. I had a conversation with my mom around 2 weeks ago about possibly teaching a photography class somewhere & within a couple of days, I got a Twitter message about just that from one of the coolest professors you’ll ever meet. In fact, he really played a huge part in my final decision to attend Greenville College. So, to make a long story short, I now teach a college photography class; it started on Monday; I’m excited & thankful for the opportunity.

I know I referred to all of this as irony, but truly, without a doubt, I believe God has orchestrated this. His continual grace never ceases to leave me awestruck. He keeps coming through on my behalf & I can only explain it like this:

“God is faithful. His goodness never runs dry. He never forgets his children. Those who love Him & honor Him with their whole lives will find His wisdom & knowledge if they seek for it as if it is like hidden treasure. It may not always seem like my plans work out how I want them to, but I know that miracles happen when the desires of my heart coincide with the will God has for my life.”

As all of the students found a seat in the classroom, Prof. Cole walked through the door to introduce me as class started. I know I’ll never forget that moment! Oh, and not only that but he introduced me as a professor, which I’m still trying to wrap my mind around along with being an employee again. My good friend & business partner Tyler Sickmeyer even said teasingly, “Ewwww, you’re gonna have a boss again!”

This might only last for a semester, but I know that I’ll love every minute of it! I thank God for always providing me with new opportunities to learn & to grow. I pray for the strength to teach about this medium I love so dearly! God bless you guys!

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