Taking Horses on Walks

Taking a young horse on a walk to a place it has never seen before totally fascinated me!  My friend Chelsea & I were scouting out locations with her horse Cisco for an upcoming shoot we have this week & Cisco was alerted by everything that moved.  We got down by a small little lake & there were geese honking & Cisco didn’t know how to respond at all. Not in a million years would I ever think that a horse would be afraid of a goose!

Anyway, I’m excited for my shoot with Chelsea on Sunday!  I don’t want to give too much away, but I can say that it involves Cisco (Arabian), Stormy (Quarter), & also Nikki from Sizzor Shak as the hair & make up artist! Anyone who has entered into Sizzor Shak’s Next Top Model knows she’s awesome. By the way, there’s only one more booking day for that (April 30th), so you better call and make your appointment!

I took a few shots while we were out scouting locations.

Stay tuned for the photos of our upcoming shoot! And p.s., yes, if you have nice horses, you can hire me to take photos of them!

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