Fitness Model Amanda Maitino
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Fitness Model Amanda Maitino - Part II

First of all, if you missed part one of my shoot with fitness model Amanda Maitino, then you should probably click here so you can see that set of photos. For this set, Amanda wanted to shoot in this open-backed and flowing dress. If I remember…
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Nashville Fashion Portraits of Lena

I love Nashville, TN, but what makes it even more awesome is that I have so many friends from home who now live there. It seems that no matter what happens though, I always meet someone new & walk away with another friend. I just love that…
Megan for Sizzor Shak

My 30 Favorite Photos In 2010

Last year, I put up a blog post called "My 25 Favorite Photos in 2009." This year, I had a little trouble narrowing it down to just 25 photos! I actually have several more that I didn't post that I'll save for next year. The following photos…

Nashville Family Portraits - The Pruitts

I had such a wonderful time hanging out in Nashville with some of my favorite friends - The Pruitts. I truly consider this family as part of my family. Also, this is the first time I spent around a one-year-old for more than just a couple hours.…

A Shoot on Treasure Island

Last July, I went on a roadtrip with my two great friends Tyler & Dane  to help out with a Florida Rocktock Tour featuring Kutless & Chasen.  We seriously had so much fun on that trip & I'm so glad I went!  Sadly, they wouldn't…