Slam Dunk

Featured in Chief Executive Magazine

A few months ago, Tyler Sickmeyer of 5Stone Marketing contacted me to do some shots for a spotlight piece for CEO's that Chief Executive Magazine wanted to feature in their 2012 November/December issue. When Tyler told me about his idea for…

Tyler of 5Stone Marketing

Tyler Sickmeyer & I go back a few years now. He & I met at Greenville College through a mutual friend at Agape Music Festival. We soon became great friends & business partners with a great mutual respect for each other. Tyler fits the…

My Work of Royal Tailor in Relevant Magazine

I got a text message a couple months ago from Royal Tailor's lead singer Tauren Wells telling me that the photo work that I did for them was going to be in Relevant Magazine. If you haven't heard of Royal Tailor yet, you will!  They are…