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My 40 Favorite Photos In 2011

Here we go - another year in review! I wanted to post more than these 40 photos, but I knew I had to draw the line somewhere. I had an incredible time shooting & getting to know everyone I had the opportunity to work with in 2011. The following…
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Nashville Fashion Portraits of Lena

I love Nashville, TN, but what makes it even more awesome is that I have so many friends from home who now live there. It seems that no matter what happens though, I always meet someone new & walk away with another friend. I just love that…
Megan for Sizzor Shak

My 30 Favorite Photos In 2010

Last year, I put up a blog post called "My 25 Favorite Photos in 2009." This year, I had a little trouble narrowing it down to just 25 photos! I actually have several more that I didn't post that I'll save for next year. The following photos…

Nashville Family Portraits - The Pruitts

I had such a wonderful time hanging out in Nashville with some of my favorite friends - The Pruitts. I truly consider this family as part of my family. Also, this is the first time I spent around a one-year-old for more than just a couple hours.…