Miss Oklahoma Morgan Woolard Morris
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Hot Nerd Photos of Morgan Woolard

Where to start when talking about Morgan Woolard? If you've spent any amount of time with her, you know exactly what I mean; there's just so much to say. And somehow, if you miraculously managed to overlook her effortless & awe-inspiring beauty,…
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Beauty Shots - Chelsea for Sizzor Shak

A couple weeks ago, Sizzor Shak added another shoot to their list of promotional hair styling & airbrush make up photos. I got to work with Chelsea who is a fitness trainer at a local gym. She's such a cool girl & I'm not just saying…

Frostbitten Promo Shots

While Haile was at the studio a couple weeks ago for Sizzor Shak's organic skin care line shoot, I asked her to do a few promotional shots for the Frostbitten Sessions that I offered this last year. She agreed & we used a matching hat,…
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Haile for Sizzor Shak - Part 2

Here is "Part 2" of the lovely Haile for the Sizzor Shak shoot. Click here to check out "Part 1." We wanted to go a different route for this set by shooting in the studio. Nikki & Randi of Sizzor Shak are credited here again for the…
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Haile for Sizzor Shak - Part 1

Sometimes you have one of those days when everything falls into place so perfectly! I love that! All aspects of this shoot turned out beautifully: the hair & make up, the model, the location, the fun times had by all, the timing in general,…
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Beauty Shots - Missy for Sizzor Shak

Sizzor Shak Salon & Color Spa currently has a promotion for all of the upcoming proms in the area. They brought in Missy, daughter of "The Shak's" very own Sheila, as the model for our shoot! Aside from getting her Senior Yearbook Photo, Missy…