Jordan Kemper

Jordan Kemper of OneBody INTL

This summer, I had a shoot lined up with Jordan Kemper of OneBody International. He's a really authentic guy with a bright future ahead of him, not to mention someone of strong faith. He's also heavily involved in the fitness & nutrition…
Back to School

Sizzor Shak Back-To-School Shoot With Alyssa

A few weeks ago, I did a back-to-school shoot for Sizzor Shak Salon & Color Spa with the very awesome Alyssa, a local model in the Saint Louis area. Alyssa & I have been friends for quite some time now & I always love having her around. She's…

Sand & Sunshine With Chelsea For Sizzor Shak

A couple weeks ago, a photographer friend of mine, Bonnie Nichoalds, suggested I work with a model that she absolutely loves shooting with on her projects. Soon after, Sizzor Shak Salon & Color Spa asked me to do some shots for a new brochure…

Photos of Jessica Ahlborn

Let's Make A Deal Once in awhile someone thinks up such an exciting idea that I jump on board before I really have a chance to think about it. Well, one of my favorite St. Louis photographers, Jessica Ahlborn, suggested that we do a photo swap;…
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Flawless Innovations with Promo Model Ali Eisenbeis

I recently had two shoots to schedule on the books so I thought to myself, "Why not combine them?" That's exactly what we did! So as a result, my shoot with Flawless Innovations features St. Louis promo model, Ali Eisenbeis. The shoot also features…
Ethan Jones

Ethan Jones - Album Promo Shots

I had the wonderful opportunity to shoot with friend & American Idol - Season 11 contestant, Ethan Jones, this Spring. Ethan's journey on AI ended during the Hollywood week, but that hasn't stopped him from doing some major things since he arrived…