Ethan Jones

Ethan Jones - Album Promo Shots

I had the wonderful opportunity to shoot with friend & American Idol - Season 11 contestant, Ethan Jones, this Spring. Ethan's journey on AI ended during the Hollywood week, but that hasn't stopped him from doing some major things since he arrived…
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Charity Shoot - Shirt Design By Armando Heredia

Art Against Oppression [dropcap style="font-size: 40px; color: #9b9b9b;"]B[/dropcap]y far, one of the nicest guys you'll ever meet is artist & author, Armando Heredia. I love this guy for a bunch of reasons, but one of my favorite things about…
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Headshots of Author Cole Gibsen

What a crazy day for a shoot with author Cole Gibsen! She needed headshots for her publishing company's website, so we planned out an appointment about 6 weeks in advance. My wonderful friend Petra even showed up to assist me with the shoot.…
Megan for Sizzor Shak

My 30 Favorite Photos In 2010

Last year, I put up a blog post called "My 25 Favorite Photos in 2009." This year, I had a little trouble narrowing it down to just 25 photos! I actually have several more that I didn't post that I'll save for next year. The following photos…

Nashville Family Portraits - The Pruitts

I had such a wonderful time hanging out in Nashville with some of my favorite friends - The Pruitts. I truly consider this family as part of my family. Also, this is the first time I spent around a one-year-old for more than just a couple hours.…

Reclamation Artist: Armando Heredia

I recently had the opportunity to shoot for Armando Heredia. He is a friend of mine, an author, a family man, & a reclamation artist among many other things. I have the utmost respect for him & for his work. Here are some of my favorite…