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Suzy P for Sizzor Shak

Suzy for Sizzor Shak

Once in awhile you just meet someone so filled with humility that they leave footprints on your heart. I’ve worked Suzy in the past, but that was down on a beach in sunny Florida. This time, she & her boyfriend were visiting each others’ families here in the Midwest & were traveling straight through Saint Louis, so we just had to schedule something here.

Sizzor Shak provided the hair & make up and you’ll see a couple of these photos on some of their upcoming marketing materials. As we were leaving Sizzor Shak, I just noticed how warm Suzy was with everyone there. She gave out hugs, sincerely thanked everyone, and just left such a great impression. I thought to myself, “YES! I wish more people would go above and beyond to show true gratitude.” Anyway, I felt very blessed to have worked with Suzy again, even if it was like 110 degrees outside & everyone was melting. Also, thanks to Hannah for doing such an amazing job assisting. Enjoy the photos!

Kyle Weber Photography

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