Spring Blossoms & Cloudy Skies – Part 1

Do you ever have one of those days where you feel about as sharp as a spoon? That definitely described this day for me! The sunshine was bright & the clouds were blue when I woke up that morning.  But, by time we started the photoshoot, the clouds rolled into the Metro East, so the weather didn’t end up quite as we had hoped, but we worked it all out.  We took a trip out to Alton, IL & the sun popped out for awhile again.

I didn’t have an assistant available for this shoot, so I had twice the work to do all by my lonesome.  And of course in front of a beautiful model, any photographer wants to at least pretend like they have it all figured out.  Ha! Well all she could probably figure out is how much of a dork I am. I even stuck my hand in bird poop… AWESOME!  Actually, we had a great time & I really love the photos we captured.

I look forward to joining forces again on a nicer day! Stay tuned for the rest of the photos we took in-studio.  Until then, enjoy the rest of the on location photos:

If you like these photos & really want photos like this of yourself, make sure you send me an email! 🙂 We’ll set something up ASAP!

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