Sand & Sunshine With Chelsea For Sizzor Shak

A couple weeks ago, a photographer friend of mine, Bonnie Nichoalds, suggested I work with a model that she absolutely loves shooting with on her projects. Soon after, Sizzor Shak Salon & Color Spa asked me to do some shots for a new brochure that they’re having designed by 5Stone Marketing. As they described what they wanted, I showed them Chelsea & they excitedly and immediately decided she was they one they wanted.

The shoot was long and we traveled a good distance to get the shots we needed to get, but I had an amazing time getting to know Chelsea and our patient & amazing assistant for the day, Kelsey. One of the things that surprised me most was how talented of a singer Chelsea is. This girl is definitely going places! She’s an undiscovered triple threat for singing, acting, and modeling.

You don’t get the pleasure of hearing her sing or seeing her act right now, but at least you’ll get to check out the photos from our shoot. We hope you like them!

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