Sand & Sunshine with Chelsea: Film Version

For several years now, I’ve wanted to dust off my old film camera & start shooting with it again. Sadly to say, I last used it in high school. In some manner, I find the look and feel of film as something romantic. It has a little mystery to it. I plan to continue shooting film on my future projects.

I asked Chelsea if she’d be alright with me rediscovering film on our shoot for Sizzor Shak. She, I believe, appeared just as excited about the idea as me. Chelsea is an amazing model & a beautiful person altogether. Click here if you’d like to see the digital photos from that shoot.

The following photos have not been “Photoshopped” & I also used two different kinds of film. You should easily identify the difference between the two. Thanks for checking them out; I do hope you appreciate my experimentation with film as I start including it more and more on my shoots.


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