Cheerleader Headshot Submissions

Go, Fight, Win a Free Lunch!

Sometimes Life just has a way of saying, “Hey, I think you’ve been nice lately & I’d like to reward you by sending you some cheerleaders to photograph!” Needless to say, Life & I have been getting along quite well lately!

I have taken photos for Chelsea before, as you can see by clicking here. She & I had such a blast the first time that when she asked if I was available to take headshots for her & Aimee, I knew I just had to! I think I made the right decision!

They even took me out to Peel Pizza in Edwardsville & bought my lunch! Plus, I got to meet their cheerleader friend, Tessa, who also made the 2011 squad, and she was such a sweetheart, too. I really had such a fun afternoon with all of those lovely ladies!

Afterwards, they invited me to attend a special cancer benefit in the Central West End at Mandarin where everyone was dressed in either white or pink. I loved the atmosphere there & I got to make a bunch of new friends! You just never know what kind of fun & amazing people will walk into your life!

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