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Java Shak

A couple of weeks ago, I took some shots for a line of coffee that my folks are launching called Java Shak. They sell it by the cup with this really amazing coffee machine in their salon in Collinsville, Sizzor Shak. After hearing all of the amazing reviews by everyone trying out the coffee, it made me wish that I liked coffee, especially since their coffee is organic.

I also spent the last couple of weeks putting together a site for them to sell their coffee by the bag. So wander on over to JavaShak.com & order some coffee, but first make sure you read all about it. I’m sure you’ll be sold on it!

I actually had a blast with this shoot, because I got to work with my dad on the project. He had all of these great ideas for the shots & it was cool to see them come to life & see how much he loved the end result. So here are the shots. Also, if you’re interested in buying some of non-product shots as artwork, leave me a comment & I’ll send you an email.

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  1. Sizzor Shak
    Sizzor Shak says:

    Kyle, these photos are so perfect for the Java Shak website! We can barely keep the coffee in stock at the salon! We love them! I heard you’re also selling these as art pieces too!

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