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Portfolio Shots With Michelle: Part II

Michelle has officially left St. Louis & now resides in Chicago for school. I know she’ll do some amazing things up there with all of the talent Chicago has to offer, so keep tabs on this one! She has a very bright future ahead of her!

I now present “Part II” of my shoot with Michelle in her cool, blue romper. If you missed “Part I,” please CLICK HERE. Also, make sure you read my interview below with Michelle.

K: What was your first experience with acting/modeling?
M: My first experience with acting was when I was in the 8th grade and got cast in a play for the role of Belle in Beauty and the Beast. My first modeling experience was shooting pictures for Istock.

K: How old were you?
M: It was around my sophomore year of high school.

K: What are your favorite kinds of shoes to wear on a modeling job?
M: My favorite shoes to wear for modeling jobs would have to be heels, I have so many shoes and heels are always a favorite, or a pair of awesome boots.

K: Why did you decide to move to Chicago?
M: I decided to move to Chicago for school because I always knew I wanted to live in a big city and Chicago was the perfect fit. I am studying marketing communications and public relations with a minor of event planning. To become successful with my major, Columbia College in Chicago was the best way to go.

K: What song would you perform on a karaoke night out on the town?
M: If I had to sing karaoke I’d say I would sing something fun and upbeat that you can dance to!

K: What famous band do you secretly wish would choose you as their lead singer?
M: I like all kinds of music. If I could pick any band to be the lead singer it would have to be Blink 182, they are too much fun.

K: What do you think about a guy who wears sunglasses at night?
M: A guy who wears sunglasses at night is lame, its not bright outside, you don’t need them.

K: What would your friends say is the dorkiest thing about you?
M: I’m just a dork all around…there is too much about me that is dorky!

K: For a million dollars, would you get a tattoo of Justin Bieber’s face on your bicep?
M: I would NOT get a tattoo of Justin Bieber on my bicep for a million dollars, not worth inking my body for the money on such a stupid tattoo.

K: What is the oddest thing you eat with peanut butter?
M: I don’t eat anything odd with peanut butter!!

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