Portfolio Development with Jamie – Part I

Orchestrating Miracles

Sometimes I meet certain people & in my heart I just know that God put them in my path for a specific reason. I think it happens the most in my life when someone desires to change their circumstances & they search only for the right things to do. Then God swoops in to show His great love & mercy through the words & willingness of those whose hearts belong to Him already. The heartstrings get pulled & change commences.

After meeting Jamie, I just knew that God crossed our paths for something more than a photo shoot. After the shoot ended, I wrote this on my Facebook wall, “God somehow orchestrates little miracles when He so desperately wants us to hear His voice.” To prevent this short story from turning into a novel, you can just say that I felt inspired by what had to take place for our paths to cross & felt beyond encouraged by the content of our conversations. Without a doubt, I can say that we followed that path into a wonderful new friendship & I thank God for that! I hope you love Part I of our shoot!

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