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Portfolio Development – Kelsey

I had a great time with Kelsey shooting for her modeling portfolio. It’s always fun when your friends want to get started into modeling. I thought she did a fantastic job, especially for her first shoot!

My brother, Blake, even came to hang out & help with the shoot in Collinsville & Maryville. Blake never ceases to provide plenty of comic relief to say the least! As far as the weather goes, it got pretty warm outside, but breezy enough that it ended up really close to perfect. And on a cold day like today in the Midwest, it makes me miss the warm weather.

I’d say out of all the photos we took, the following is my favorite from her shoot. As we were shooting, I kept thinking to myself that Kelsey resembles some celebrity & if I had to guess, maybe I think she looks somewhat like Jenna Elfman. I’m not quite convinced though; who does she resemble in your opinion?

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