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Setting Off Sparklers With Libby

Libby & I originally thought this shoot would go down sometime before the 4th of July, but we apparently lost track of time a little. Let’s be honest though, there’s really never a bad time to celebrate the freedom we have in America! I have always loved American-themed shoots and I can see this being the first of many to come!

Anyway, Libby is a laugh riot and has one of those crazy, outgoing personalities like me. Every time I work with someone like that, I never take as many photos as I originally plan on taking because we end up joking, laughing, talking the majority of the time & then we have to try to squeeze photos in at the last second! The sparklers I bought for the shoot seemed somewhat faulty. Poor Libby almost got burned a time or two. They definitely did not perform like the ones I used as a kid.

Also, I have to give a shout out to my very sweet friends, Eric and Susie, for providing such a great location for us to set up our photo shoot. Eric even held up a reflector for me for awhile. I absolutely love those guys! Thanks for taking a look at the photos. Also, make sure you click on the photo at the very bottom to check out my Mocha Club team.

Kyle WeberKyle Weber PhotographyLibby HoughtonAmerican themed photos

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2 replies
  1. Joy Zaleski
    Joy Zaleski says:

    Those are beautiful photos! I’m not just
    Saying that because I brought thatbeautiful
    Baby girl into this world! Nice work Kyle!

  2. Kyle Weber
    Kyle Weber says:

    Aw, well thank you Joy! :) You did a great job and Libby was a blast to work with! I’m really glad you like the photos!

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