Celebrating 4th of July

Setting Off Sparklers With Libby

Libby & I originally thought this shoot would go down sometime before the 4th of July, but we apparently lost track of time a little. Let's be honest though, there's really never a bad time to celebrate the freedom we have in America! I have…
Suzy for Sizzor Shak
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Suzy P for Sizzor Shak

Once in awhile you just meet someone so filled with humility that they leave footprints on your heart. I've worked Suzy in the past, but that was down on a beach in sunny Florida. This time, she & her boyfriend were visiting each others' families…

Sand & Sunshine With Chelsea For Sizzor Shak

A couple weeks ago, a photographer friend of mine, Bonnie Nichoalds, suggested I work with a model that she absolutely loves shooting with on her projects. Soon after, Sizzor Shak Salon & Color Spa asked me to do some shots for a new brochure…

Photos of Jessica Ahlborn

Let's Make A Deal Once in awhile someone thinks up such an exciting idea that I jump on board before I really have a chance to think about it. Well, one of my favorite St. Louis photographers, Jessica Ahlborn, suggested that we do a photo swap;…

Sizzor Shak's Next Top Model Shoot

A few weeks ago, I had a shoot with this year's "Sizzor Shak's Next Top Model" winner, Jacey. The Shak Girls styled her hair & airbrushed her make up before we set out to get some shots. We had the wonderful pleasure of the previous top model,…
Fitness Model Breanna Rose

Portfolio Development - Fitness Model Breanna

I recently shot with Breanna, an up-and-coming fitness model with a beautiful face, killer abs, and a great personality. She definitely inspires me to start getting my rear end to the gym a little more. I have rarely posted black and white…

Maternity Portraits of Amee Lynn

Amee Lynn & I are no strangers to working together! I've always loved working with her because she's always such a sweet person to hang around. Click here to check out photos from our previous shoots. This time around, Amee Lynn needed some…
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Flawless Innovations with Promo Model Ali Eisenbeis

I recently had two shoots to schedule on the books so I thought to myself, "Why not combine them?" That's exactly what we did! So as a result, my shoot with Flawless Innovations features St. Louis promo model, Ali Eisenbeis. The shoot also features…
Ethan Jones

Ethan Jones - Album Promo Shots

I had the wonderful opportunity to shoot with friend & American Idol - Season 11 contestant, Ethan Jones, this Spring. Ethan's journey on AI ended during the Hollywood week, but that hasn't stopped him from doing some major things since he arrived…

Portrait Session with Kirsten

[dropcap style="font-size: 50px; color: #c40000;"] K [/dropcap]irsten definitely lit up the lens for her portrait session with me. She kept saying she had no idea what to do, but somehow she just couldn't take a bad photo; clever trick, Kirsten!…
Serving Pie

Katherine Cooks for a Cause: Part II

Watch Kat's New Video Video Shot By: Tee Suwit Edited By: Erin Darling Song By: James Simms Kyle Interviews the Lovely Katherine So Katherine, you have been involved with a unique culinary school the last 6 months, how did you…

Portfolio Development for Chicago Model Ashlynn

Here is the second part to my shoot with Ashlynn from Lily's Talent Agency in Chicago. If you missed God Willing & The Creek Don't Rise, by all means, check out that photoblog! You might just love it!