Nashville Family Portraits – The Pruitts

I had such a wonderful time hanging out in Nashville with some of my favorite friends – The Pruitts. I truly consider this family as part of my family. Also, this is the first time I spent around a one-year-old for more than just a couple hours. Jarrod & Jamie’s daughter, Jesalyn, is amazing! I really felt like I got a glimpse into how your whole life can revolve around one person because they are completely dependent on you & your love for them!

Make sure you check out Jamie’s blog & also Jarrod’s blog called Thinking is Dangerous.

My trip to Nashville ended up being very productive. The first night I got to hang out with the Royal Tailor boys (minus Tauren) & JP at their pad & a record studio that apparently some of the greats have recorded, like Johnny Cash, for instance. I had the privilege of meeting a lot of cool new people there. I also got to shoot with a great friend of mine, Lena, whose photos you will see in the very near future.

On Sunday morning, the Pruitt family & I headed out to Conduit Church to hear about their trip back from Haiti & what’s happening over there. The videos & testimonies really moved me & made me think back to “The Flippy Floppy 500” – Render teaming up with Project Restore to send the people of Haiti some flip-flops. I’ll never forget that time in my life because a lot of things were going wrong at that time, but God literally did a miracle in my life & I know it was to remind me that He had not forgotten about me. I’ll share that story some day.

Anyway, the following day I grabbed Starbucks with Darren Tyler who pastors Conduit; we caught up a bit & just talked about life. I have a feeling that one day I’ll look back at that conversation & see how the investment he made in me that day helped me see things a little bit more clearly.

Going back to Sunday afternoon, I took some family portraits of Jamie, Jarrod, & Jesalyn after we ate lunch at Mellow Mushroom in Franklin, TN. I would go back to that place time & time again – especially since they have root beer there on draft. Franklin, TN is one of the coolest places in the country! Here are the photos we captured that day:

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