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Napa Valley Art Photography

A few months ago, I took a trip out to Napa Valley, CA to watch my best childhood friend, Rian, get married. Actually, he’s more than a childhood friend, I really consider him as one of my brothers. Rian & I have gone through a million things together.

Like when we were about 9, we played soccer against each other on different teams & he accidentally broke my sweet action sports goggle glasses right off of my face & nearly blinded me. Those were the days!

And when were were both 19, we drove down to Florida to hang out on the beach, stayed in a half star hotel where I believe no one in the entire facility spoke English. We also rented mopeds to ride around all over the place! There are too many memories to count & I pretty much cherish every one of them.

He & his beautiful wife planned a destination wedding overlooking the valley. Check out this little photo I captured with my iPhone while the lovely couple exchanged vows.

While I visited Napa, I took my camera to some of the wineries to take photos of some of the vineyards & wine grapes. I even saw an all organic vineyard, which I was pretty excited about. I also took a little walk around Round Pond Winery, which was absolutely beautiful. I wish I could somehow take the entrance to that winery & put it in my front yard. Enjoy the photos!

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