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Katherine Cooks for a Cause


I have known Katherine for a long time now & I’ve had the opportunity to serve with her on a countless number of occasions through the different ministries we’ve led. She is truly pure of heart & just loves people so much. When I found out about her new ministry opportunity, I knew I had to assist in any way that I could, so what better than a little photoshoot to help her promote her fundraiser! To learn more about Kat’s Fundraising Dinner, please watch the following video. If you love me & this little photoshoot, please donate to her! I can promise it will be a great investment!


Kat’s Blog
Kat & I set out to do a very simple shoot, but it turned into something elaborate & awesome! On our little journey through Collinsville, we crossed paths with an incredibly sweet & generous lady named Vicki Thomas who owns the beautiful, historic Sauers House, built in 1860. She has poured her heart into this home & it shows. She welcomed us to shoot in her lovely spring garden & gave us a little home tour explaining the history of the house. Kat & I were like 2 kids in a candy store; we had so much fun with Vicki. She made us feel right at home & the location could not have matched Katherine any better than it did.

I could say so much about this shoot paired with Vicki’s house & garden. I will certainly come back for future shoots. Here is a little excerpt from Vicki which will hopefully entice you into taking the next Historic tour that the Sauers House is involved with.

[quote]I am glad you enjoyed my home and garden. It gives me a lot of joy when someone besides myself appreciates the gardens and my home. I fell in love with the home the minute I walked in to the parlor and the beautiful red oak staircase.

John Sauer’s built the home and his family lived in it for over 80 years. He was the original owner and builder. He was a big contractor of homes and buildings in town. He was very proud of his family and church. He was a good carpenter and he had vision. The home was built around 1860. I am the second owner, and have lived here since 1984.

The gardens I built around an existing small rock garden under the walnut tree by the well. The Sauer’s family would visit the Ozarks and bring home rocks, which I continued in to the existing “English Garden.” The garden grounded me back to wants really important in life. God walks with me in my garden. I find inner peace when I mediate and create in the garden. He gives me the strength to continue to find inner peace and joy in life.

Katherine & I would really like to express our appreciation for Vicki & how she has invested into her home & garden! I find it awesome that Mr. Sauer served his church & that 150 years after he built his house, that it’s still, in a sense, adding something good to a ministry like Katherine’s. You just never know how what you do today will affect someone 150 years from now, even if it’s just donating $20 to a great cause!

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