Katherine Cooks for a Cause: Part II

Serving Pie

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Video Shot By: Tee Suwit
Edited By: Erin Darling
Song By: James Simms

Kyle Interviews the Lovely Katherine

So Katherine, you have been involved with a unique culinary school the last 6 months, how did you get involved with this program?

Great question! I was doing some inner city work at a missions organization called YWAM in Los Angeles and ran into someone I had worked with in the past. He had mentioned that he had graduated from Culinary School and was starting one up in Colorado Springs. I asked him to email the curriculum and when I received it, realized this was the EXACT thing I had been praying for!

What specifically about the culinary arts do you think will help your ministry?

Food has always been one of the best ways to break down any defenses that people have. I believe we are called to live this life in right relationship with God and people. If I can serve an excellent meal and provide a space where people can feel welcome, I’m going to do it. This school specializes is Culinary Arts and Restaurant Management. I have learned so much already about World Cuisine, running a restaurant, and making a business missional. Wow, am I blessed!

What do you hope to achieve once you begin the international portion of this program & how will that work exactly?

There is an opportunity to have an internship in Nepal. We will be partnering with some wonderful contacts in building a restaurant to bring people through an unreached part of Nepal. Our goal is to highlight a new route for tourists and empower locals to support themselves as well as their communities. We will head out in August and plan a location, menu, and start training locals in this Kingdom Business.

Is your tuition already paid in full or do you still need financial support?

Oh am I ever in need! Good thing I serve a God who has some deep deep pockets. I have about $3,500 to go in order for my tuition to be paid in full.

What is your favorite style cuisine to cook & which is your favorite to eat?

I love FOOD! Considering the fact that I have learned anywhere from French to Thai Cuisine and still love it all, it’s safe to say I am officially a fat kid trapped inside a skinny gal’s body. I wish I were kidding… I really do just love it all:)

Do you have a favorite cooking show on TV?

To be honest, I really don’t watch to much TV however, one of our Chefs (Dan Bartlett) is on the local station here every week! He is the best fruit carver in the world! Seriously, he has medals and stuff that says it.

Who do you think would win in a cook-off between Paula Deen & Chuck Norris?

Chuch Norris for president! Paula Deen should really consider not using so much butter and cream. Gym memberships are expensive.

What advice would you give to a boy who wanted to cook a nice meal for a girl he likes?

Breakfast food is always fun! Have a theme and do something you know she likes. (Chocolate Chip Pancakes with a vanilla bean syrup.:)

If you had to choose only 2 dishes to eat for an entire year, which 2 would you choose?

This question stresses me out. I LOVE variety. I LOVE trying new things. I simply cannot choose.

Have you ever burned anything in the oven?

The last thing I burned in the oven was a wooden pizza paddle. Apparently those are only used to slide pizzas in the oven. Our kitchen smelled like a campfire for a while after.

How can someone make a financial donation to help support your ministry & cover your tuition?

First off, even the thought of that is overwhelming. I have so much gratitude in my heart for just being able to share my story. So thankful for everyone that reads this. If they would like to donate to my tuition, they can write checks payable to Tapestry Church and just put Katherine Smith in the memo. The mailing address is:

Tapestry Church
2254 Cleveland Blvd.
Granite City, IL 62040.

Or Donate Through Paypal


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