In Studio Portfolio Development with Lisett

Lisett & I have been planning to shoot for almost a year now and we finally were able to get our schedules coordinated. Lisett is one of the most entertaining people I’ve worked with. She kind of reminded me of Salma Hayek in the movie Fools Rush In. She was beautiful, funny, & full of fire.

Her beautiful cousin Cynthia also helped assist on the shoot. The way those two interacted had me non-stop laughing. They both proceeded to tell me about Mexico & all about Latin women. Apparently, you never want get a Latin woman upset with you. Thankfully, I think they both had a great time on the shoot, so I didn’t have to experience their Latin girl fury. Also, I really need to learn Spanish!

Take a look at a couple of the photos & make sure you click the “like” button below if you’d like to see all the photos from the shoot.








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