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Hot Nerd Photos of Morgan Woolard

Miss Oklahoma Morgan Woolard Morris

Where to start when talking about Morgan Woolard? If you’ve spent any amount of time with her, you know exactly what I mean; there’s just so much to say. And somehow, if you miraculously managed to overlook her effortless & awe-inspiring beauty, then you’d stumble upon an absolutely amazing person whose faith is rooted in God’s love & mercy. So if it’s not enough to fall for her style & smile, surely her heart & who she is at her very core will win you over.

What I really respect about her is that her words aren’t just empty words, she truly lives out what she believes, which is a life of loving God & loving people. She serves because of that love. Anyone who knows me will attest of how much my heart resonates with anyone who gives like that. It stirs my soul.

I promise that if you “like” Morgan’s Facebook Page, her daily inspirational thoughts on life & faith will not fail to impact you.

Hot Nerd Morgan Woolard Miss Oklahoma
For months, I kept noticing that little car dealership office building & knew it had great potential for a killer shoot. So one day I took a sample photo of it & sent it to Morgan to see what she thought. I think she liked it! Before I knew it, even my awesome designer friend, Kristie Keys, took on the role of the Wardrobe Stylist. Things just started falling into place!

Hot Nerd Morgan Woolard Miss Oklahoma

My photographer friend, Eric Woodside, also joined in on the festivities & helped me out so much with the planning & orchestrating of the lighting.

The Car That Hit Me

A day before the shoot, it rained like crazy. Eric & I went to the location to draw out a plan & on our way back, we got rear-ended while yielding to traffic on a left-hand turn. The car that hit us hydroplaned at maybe 30-40mph crashing into the back of my jeep. My AC vent popped out, my rearview mirror fell off, & Eric’s hat flew into my backseat from the impact. Needless to say, we both felt really sore for the shoot the next day.

The shoot went so well in spite of the pain! We had a lot of laughs, the weather cooperated perfectly, & I had a blast just hanging out with great friends! Plus, how can you not have a great time when you get to shoot Miss Oklahoma?

Hot Nerd Morgan Woolard Miss Oklahoma

I loved the whole “Hot Nerd in Front of a Rundown Car Lot Building” idea. Sizzor Shak provided the hair styling & airbrush make-up & had none other than the amazing Megan J take care of Morgan! I always love Megan’s hair & make up work!

Hot Nerd Morgan Woolard Miss Oklahoma

I had a tremendous amount of help for this shoot, so please take a peek at the credits below, because I could not have pulled this off without the help of my wonderful friends!

Hot Nerd Morgan Woolard Miss Oklahoma

Model: Morgan Woolard
Hair & Make Up: Megan J of Sizzor Shak
Wardrobe Stylist: Kristie Keys
Photographer: Kyle Weber
Photo Asst, “Behind-The-Scenes” Photographer & Videographer: Eric Woodside
Additional Photo Assistants: Ryan Govreau, Wasim Eid, Blake Weber

[box]A very special thanks to Sizzor Shak Salon & Color Spa & Fazzi’s Bar & Grill in Collinsville, IL. Fazzi’s allowed us to draw power from their building for our shoot! Luli was more than friendly & cooperative! Make sure you go check out their place; their Gyros are delicious. Also, a big shout out to my brother, Blake Weber, for letting us use is ’79 Corvette. [/box] [/wp-like-locker]

Kyle Weber with Hot Nerd Morgan Woolard Miss Oklahoma

After this set, I snuck out from behind the camera for a photo with Morgan. Taken by Eric Woodside.

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