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Fashion Portraits with Maddi

A couple weeks ago, I had a shoot with Maddi from the St. Louis area. I believe this was her 2nd photoshoot & what a great job she did with it! Our shoot actually didn’t last very long because after only a few shots, I knew we already had something worth keeping.

I also found out that Maddi loves music like I do (maybe even more) & has excellent taste as well. She’s not just someone who listens to the Pop Top 40! She even has iPod upon iPod filled up with her music collection. I love finding people who introduce me to other artists, especially in one of my favorite genres of music – which I label as acoustic folk rock. Speaking of which, check out Dave Barnes, Matt Wertz, Ernie Halter, & Marc Broussard for good measure, along with these photos of Maddi.

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