Fashion Portraits – Brittany

The Midwest doesn’t really have a great reputation for amazing weather, but you can always count on a few beautiful days in late September. If every day the weather ended up being like the day Brittany & I shot, I would literally think I was in a photographer’s paradise!

Everything about Fall is beautiful, but I still get a little down knowing that in just a few weeks, I’ll have icicles in my hair when I walk out to my car. I really need to join all of the snow-birds that travel South for the winter.

Even though I could not, for the life of me, remember where this spot was located in O’Fallon, I finally found my way there thanks to a phone call & a friend listing their number on Facebook. If you’d like to get photos like this of you, now is the time to “book your shoot!” Just send me an email through the form right here through my website. In just a couple weeks you could have a brand new Facebook photo! Anyway, these are the shots we got on that beautiful day!

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