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Commercial Portraits with Scott

My first memory of my friendship with Scott goes back to when I was in 3rd grade. I’ve told this story before in a talk I gave a couple years ago on the topic of edification for a ministry I directed. The school that Scott & I went to had an event twice a year called “Field Day.” We would have races, athletic games, & other events where we’d compete against each other. The 1st graders got paired with the 2nd graders, the 3rd with the 4th, & so on, which meant that if you were in an odd grade, half of the kids were bigger, stronger, & older than you.

Well, in the high jump event, it came down to me (a 3rd grader) & this 4th grader we’ll call “Jumpy Jumperson” to protect his identity. As I lined up to run for my final jump, this popular & cool 5th grader, Scott Huff, came over to me & said, “Kyle, you can totally beat this guy! I’ve seen you jump before & you can do it!”

I seriously remember getting so excited because a 5th grader, who I thought didn’t even know I existed, actually believed in me more than I did myself. In that moment, I didn’t want to let him down, so I just poured every ounce of energy I had into that jump & I ended up beating young Mr. Jumperson who was older, bigger, & stronger than me! Immediately Scott came over to give me a high five & said, “See, I told you that you could do it!”

Years later, Scott still makes that same kind of impact. He currently leads an amazing youth group in Kentucky as their youth pastor. I pray his kids know just how amazing he is. I’ve grown up with this guy & I consider him a brother. Hope y’all love the photos I took of him for his ministry. Make sure you follow Scott on Twitter; you’ll be glad you did! Also, be sure to check out Scott’s Blog.

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  1. Scott
    Scott says:

    Kyle is an amazing photographer! He makes the photo taking experience enjoyable and humorous. Any photos you have Kyle take will be done in an unbelievable quality and be exactly what your looking for plus more. I thoroughly enjoyed the experience and I know everyone else will too. Thanks Kyle!

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