Panama City Beach - Abigail Wate Morgan McCollum

Panama City Beach Day with Abigail Wate & Morgan McCollum

I spent a few weeks in Florida earlier this year and while I was there, a handful of friends came down to visit me in Panama City Beach. Two of those adventurers were my dear friends Abigail Wate & Morgan McCollum. I couldn’t have asked for more of a fun or more of a sweet-hearted little duo to explore Florida with me.
Nashville Artist Bailey Jehl
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Nashville Artist Bailey Jehl Talks Puppies, Music, & Her Upcoming Singles

I first met Bailey Jehl a couple years back at a last-minute group dinner with some friends at BurgerUP in Nashville. Her voice possesses some sort of magical quality that you just need to hear for yourself. Within 25 seconds of me first hearing her song “Kerosene,” I pulled out my phone to Shazam that bad boy. Later that day, I bought her entire EP. Since then, Bailey & I have become great friends! Some of my favorite memories, parties, or even lunches over the last couple of years include her. I can’t imagine Nashville without her. Check out my photos & interview with one of Nashville's most talented artists, Bailey Jehl!
HeyThereSam Nashville Fashion Blogger
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HeyThereSam Talks Fashion, Nashville, Dating, & Coffee

Sam creates social content so beautifully, she makes jokes that actually make me laugh, she writes, she sings, she schedules more coffee meetings than you’d believe, she loves people, and she’s a talented model on The Block Agency.
Sam Krager
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Sam Krager of Uncle Krager's Salsa

Sam Krager is that dude that everyone loves. He is the co-owner of Uncle Krager's Salsa which is a small batch, garden fresh salsa company local to Nashville, TN. If you haven't tried it yet, do your meals a favor pick up a few jars. You'll…
Actor Chris Olivero
colby dee music
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Nashville Country Artist Colby Dee

I first met Miss Colby Dee at American Idol tryouts a couple years ago as we both got our golden tickets to make it into the next round. I knew immediately that this beautiful girl was well on her way to becoming a super star. A couple years…