Miss Oklahoma 2010 Morgan Woolard
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Miss Oklahoma Morgan Woolard on Roller Skates

This post includes photos from the 2nd location for my shoot with Morgan, please click here to see the first set of nerdy photos from our other location. This time I wanted to do something with a little bit more of a natural light feel since…
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Petra for BMG Models Los Angeles

I met Petra in St. Louis during her first year of attending fashion school in Chicago. She had just started out in modeling & got signed onto an agency. Since then, she has graduated, moved to LA, and found representation with BMG Models…
Miss Oklahoma Morgan Woolard Morris
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Hot Nerd Photos of Morgan Woolard

Where to start when talking about Morgan Woolard? If you've spent any amount of time with her, you know exactly what I mean; there's just so much to say. And somehow, if you miraculously managed to overlook her effortless & awe-inspiring beauty,…
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More Portraits of Tarryn

I totally forgot to post these photos of Tarryn from last year. I just stumbled on them & had to add them to the blog! Click here to see photos from that same shoot! Don't forget to check these out though! [digg] [stumble]…
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Fashion Portfolio Portraits With Samantha

Let me just tell you a little bit about Samantha; she's so cool! She laughs & smiles a lot, makes silly & funny faces, has such a great outlook on things, & I can just tell that she has a genuine heart. The sun lit up our location perfectly…
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Looking Back - Portfolio Development For Amee

Amee & I have known each other for what feels like forever! I consider her a great friend & not just because she laughs at all my jokes. I always know we'll have fun when we hang out together, although it's been a very long time! We shot a…