An Interview & Silly Poses With Jordan

Striking Poses

Jordan just has a way about her that’s so carefree & hilarious! She struck pose after pose & kept me laughing. She came up with this collage idea from a photograph that inspired her & we just made it happen.

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My Interview With Jordan

K: Literally speaking, are you more likely to “LOL” or “ROFL” when you hear something funny?
J: LOL unless I am with only my close friends then it is definitely ROFL.

K: FILL IN THE BLANK TO DESCRIBE YOURSELF: “I’m as cuddly as a __________!”
J: I’m as cuddly as my penguin pillow pet.

K: When you were a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up?
J: A model (:

K: What is the shortest you’d ever cut your hair?
J: Shoulder length. I was scarred for life when I was about 8 and the hair stylist cut about 5 inches off instead of one and I will never go short again.

K: Are you more likely to accept a date night offer from a guy who always wears suspenders & a bow tie or always wears skinny jeans?
J: Suspenders and bow tie because I wouldn’t date a guy wearing the same style of jeans that I wear. Not ok.

K: I MUSTACHE you a question – what kind of facial hair, if any, do you find the most attractive on a guy?
J: I’m not a big facial hair girl, but a little 5 o’clock shadow looks pretty hot on some guys!

K: Which beauty tip do you think all girls should follow even though some girls do not?
J: Less is more. Too many girl cake on the make-up thinking it makes them look prettier, when they are only covering up their true beauty.

K: Do you have any nicknames?
J: Jordy and Jojo, but only people extremely close to me call me either of those!

K: If you could travel back in time to any major event in history, which event would you choose?
J: Spice Girls World Tour. Just kidding, but seriously. On a more serious note, I would travel back to the Renaissance because it was a fascinating period in time characterized by enlightened thinking and curiosity.

K: What is the dumbest movie you’ll admit to loving?
J: Mean Girls is the dumbest movie, yet it is so amazing.

There you have it! So guys take note – trade your skinny jeans in for a bow tie if you want a chance with Jordan!

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