A Shoot on Treasure Island

Last July, I went on a roadtrip with my two great friends Tyler & Dane  to help out with a Florida Rocktock Tour featuring KutlessChasen.  We seriously had so much fun on that trip & I’m so glad I went!  Sadly, they wouldn’t let me drive any part of the way because apparently I tend to drive the speed limit or some nonsense like that.

About 2 hours before we left, Tyler had played in a basketball game for his semi-pro league &  I guess he didn’t properly stretch after the game, because as we got into downtown Atlanta, he wakes up out of a deep slumber screaming from his calves cramping up!  In the meantime, I wake up from sleeping as he’s yelling at Dane to pull the car over along side the highway.

Now, if you’ve ever driven on the highway past downtown Atlanta during rush hour, you know this can get dangerous! Cars are whizzing by us & Tyler is limping along side the car. God must have put angels all around us, because thankfully we made it back onto the highway without getting smashed!

Anyway, a couple days into our trip I was able to set up a shoot with a fantastic model right out of Tampa Bay, FL.  We shot at Treasure Island, FL & anyone who knows me, knows how much I love being on the beach!  Being land-locked in the St. Louis area is hard on a fellow like me!

I’m trying to plan another trip to Florida very soon, so I can break out my skim & boogie board & hit the waves. Hope you liked the photos!

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