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A Black Dress

Few times in life do you ever cross paths with someone who exudes a ridiculous amount of both inner & outer beauty. When it happens though, you never forget! This describes Laura perfectly.

I had an amazing time shooting that day. I felt somewhat amazed at all the little ironic things we had in common from playing piano for the same church at different times to just an overall outlook on faith & life.

Also, I did feel a little embarrassed for not being better prepared right as we started the shoot; the battery died in my flash trigger & I had to run to the store to get more. Normally, I have a bunch on hand, but I ran out! That is the first time I’ve done that since I started shooting. Thankfully, she stuck around & we ended up capturing some really beautiful photos!

I think the simplicity of a black dress helps to reveal the beauty of whoever wears it. The focus becomes the person & not the dress. Plus, how can a black dress not make you think of & absolutely love Chris Young’s song, “Getting You Home” also known as “The Black Dress Song.” Anyway, this is the first set, but stay tuned for more from this session!

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